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  • To Protect, promote and develop professional code of conduct, right and interest of all nurses in the country.
  • To raise the health status of the people and undertake various activity necessary to avail basic health services throughout the country.
  • To strengthen the nursing servece by upgrading it's standard by continual education.
  • To remain effortful to develop and extend a scientific nursing system.
  • To facilitate and conduct relevant nursing research.
  • To establish the nursing standard for the scope of practice and safe care delivery.



In order to attain the above-mentioned objectives, NAN shall undertake following Strategic Activities:

  1. Remain effortful to make the nursing service more effective, efficient, humanitarian and prestigious.
  2. Remain engaged in various creative activities that are essential for protection, promotion and development of professional rights and interests.
  3. Establish coordination with other national and international professional organizations including those related to nursing profession and to exchange ideas with each other.
  4. Extend cooperation to avail preventive, primitive, curative and restorative health services in a simple accessible and organized manner.
  5. Remain effortful to make all health related programs successful which is intended to strengthen the existing health services of the country and operating under the assistance of various national and international organizations.
  6. Create general awareness on health through publications of health-related booklets, pamphlets, bulletins, other information materials and exhibitions.
  7. Accept or recieve fees, advertisements, gifts, grants etc. In cash or kind as required and available without having any kind of adverse impact on the objectives of the association.
  8. Network with other national and international organization and agencies to develop partnership to strengthen nursing and enhance health status of people.